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I absolutely ADORE the brothers Grimm's fairy tales. I grew up with my grand mother reading them to me as bed time stories. Even as a grown up (sort of..) I still love the beauty, the themes and the dark side of these stories.

Last time I went to my parents country house I re-read the two tomes. With my head  filled with princesses, dark woods, epics escapes, blood thirsty creatures and pretty dresses.I took my new camera, my sister put on a red dress and off we were, wandering in the snow at -15.It was a so much fun! Even though I'm not a professional photographer at all, it was really interesting for a first experience.

I will post picture of it soon, but for now, I'm giving a try at editing and photo manipulation...god there is so much to learn!!
First thing I learned: ALWAYS check the setting before starting to take picture....when I realized all my picture where 72 pi...:iconotlplz:

I always enjoy positives critiques and/or advise, don't hesitate to comments!
Hi guys!

I've Always been really interested in the edwardian time period. I found the perfect excuse to put together a project inspired by that area. I was really exited when I started, I really wanted to do thing properly and historically acurate. The location, the dress, the hair. All that was nice,but I'm getting overwelmed, how about the corset? The stocking? The chemise? the Petticoat? the gatters? the shoes? the corset cover?

AAAAARRRGGG!!!! What did I got myself into??? Where is the line between "who care, we won't see it anyway" and "I WANT TO DO IT THE RIGHT WAY!!

I have to remember myself that this project is for fun, therefore I should not be spending a fortune. Oh well, I'll do my best to keep it within realistic illusion without going bankrupt...
that's all I have in mind recently! Dresses! Receipes! Hand bags! Jewerly! Blog ! I want to get creative! I wonder when I'm gonna find the time to do alll of these new exiting projects....I means, on top of all the one that are already piling on in my atelier. Oh well, I try to up-date my DA account with pictures of my work.
Seems like these days, I've made peace with my childhood in the country.
I once thought it was empty and boring, but I realise now how rich it was and how lucky I am! So....I re-watched the full serie of Anne of Green Gables, got nostagic and post a bunch of pictures I took back at my parents place on a gorgeously bright and splendid autum day.

Enjoy who you are, be grateful for what you've become, be HAPPY, life is a gift!!!

(ok I'm just being cheezy now -.-)
Well Vacations times is over, Summer...not over yet, but I'm feeling a bit nostalgic already... So, I've been digging in my archives in order to re-do my port-folio.

I also found a Asahi Pentax ESII camera in a garage sale. I'm not a professional photographer and I barely know how to do the shutter/aperture magic, but I'm always happy to learn new stuff and my crappy digital camera is driving me crazy. At least, DA is full of wonderfull tutorial !! yay!!
AGAIN I felt that a should be a little more active on DA, since I'm logging in at least once a day...So here is some texture. Hope it will be useful ! If you use it, please send me a link of your art, I would LOVE to see your work!

Also,I've been designing a buch of Jersey knit dresses and tops and I would be interested to make a colab with a photographer. I'm located in Montreal. Note me if interested.
First of all, I want to apologize for all those stupids mistakes that I'm surely going to make on theses pages.I'm a Québécoise Française and proud of it!! But I'm aware that English is a more accessible language.I'm trying my best, you are welcome to correct me, but PLEASE dont be rude! :)

On a cold and ordinary Monday,I was sneeking on DA on my lunch break and suddently I realise that I'm a Deviantart member for more than 3 years and...I HAVEN'T POST A SINGLE THING!

My first reason for sign in on this site was to avoid all thoses ads, but still...I was suppose to post a few things. I can find a millions of goods and bads reasons to justified why all my pages were still blank but I wont,excuses dont changes anything.

So,I post my first entries a fews days ago and here is my first Journal post!!

I have to Admit,I'm a bit shy about all this because there is sooooooooo many amazing artists on DA and feel like a total...beginner.

I'm not even able to make a proper avatar apparently...something I dont get with resolution...I'm going to fix that soon,it's on my to do list.

Since I dont have anything else to say

Goodbye and see you soon!

(I more than aware that I'm propably the only one who's reading this but I felt like I HAVE to do it! )

p.s:I dont know if this journal work with BBC code and I haven't use it for years, so if BBC code it is...i'ts gonna be for  next time!